These 2- to 4-minute videos are by Canadian students who all share a vision of a thriving and globally competitive future for the country’s agriculture industry. In their own words, these students share their plans for a career dedicated to the advancement of agriculture through innovation and technology.


This video is an application for the G3 Grow Beyond Scholarship, and is about my plans for my education and future in agriculture.

This video will address the following questions for the G3 Grow Beyond Scholarship:
“Which innovation do you believe has had the most impact on agriculture?”
“In your chosen field of study, how would you apply innovation and technology to the

G3 Grow Beyond Scholarship 2021

Hi! My name is Molly Aellen. This is my application for the G3 Grow Beyond Scholarship. In this video I will discuss my vision and planned contribution to the future of technology and innovation in

Agriculture has brought a lot of good in our world, but it has also caused lots of destruction in nature. It’s time to innovate to secure our future.

This video was made for the G3 Grow Beyond Scholarship.
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The innovation I believe has greatly impacted agriculture is vaccinations and I plan to make further advancements through the study of veterinary microbiology.

A four minute video on the future of agriculture and why I am passionate about the industry.

PowerPoint voiceover explaining what I believe the biggest innovation in agriculture is and what innovation I plan to use in my future to impact the agriculture industry.

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Hi! My name is Bilal and this is my video submission for the G3 Grow Beyond Scholarship. My video centers around the impact of AI and IoT on the agricultural industry! My proposed contribution is combining AI and IoT to

Agri-Coin is a farmer-to-farmer blockchain ecosystem that would allow farmers to utilize the blockchain to propel the future of farming.

Hello, my name is Maria Tataru and this is my official video for the G3 Grow Beyond Scholarship opportunity!

Thank you.

Sit back and relax as I share with you my vision of innovation and technology in Canadian agriculture. With the rapidly growing world population, the agricultural industry is struggling to meet those demands due to labor shortages. Discover how the

My video submission about the benefits of greenhouses in Newfoundland, thank you for the opportunity.

My vision for the advancement of urban agriculture in Canada, and how it can improve the environment.

This video is the video application for the G3 Grow Beyond Scholarship contest. In this video, subjects such as GMO crops, and the genetic modification of animal DNA. See link below for video URL.