These 2- to 4-minute videos are by Canadian students who all share a vision of a thriving and globally competitive future for the country’s agriculture industry. In their own words, these students share their plans for a career dedicated to the advancement of agriculture through innovation and technology.

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Importance of understanding food shortages in remote Canadian communities and using Greenhouse technology to help these communities.

This is my video to show my planned contributions and innovative thinking to the future of technology and innovation for the field of agriculture.

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In this video I address the importance of communication between the Ag Industry and the public regarding food safety. I use the example of spraying and the way social media effects public opinion.

Dare to dream big! Innovations in agriculture contribute to a better world.

A brief video why I want to go into agriculture and how the future of agriculture lies in urban environment.

How will urban agriculture solve agricultural issues and how is it being used already.

Innovation can be achieved through the prioritization of every type of producer.

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In this video, I explain my involvement on our farm and everything that needs to be done.

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Hello, my name is Cynthia and I am a high school student from Stouffville, Ontario. In my video application I share how I can apply the learning and experiences I will have in my Bachelor of Business Administration post secondary

The video I created is to educate the public on where their milk comes from and on A2 milk. Explaining what A2 milk is and its benefits for human consumption is the main focus. I want to further research and

Une jeune agricultrice qui partage sa vision innovatrice en agriculture.

A video detailing my vision for innovation in agriculture, and fulfilling the other requirements. It goes over my vision of developing a “Smart Beehive” system that uses sensors and other embedded systems to generate real-time data about the beehive health,

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With encouragement from school and a humanitarian trip to Ecuador, I found passion about saving water, reducing waste and protecting our beautiful planet.

In my video, I explain my vision to the next generation of the agriculture industry. My goal is to be able to grow exotic fruits in my community but how will I do so when I live in a colder